About Market Info Joburg


The goal of Market Info Joburg is to provide a quick guide to the Joburg Market (previously known as the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market).

The market complex is big and busy. It can take several visits to grasp the many features of the market, such as how it operates, opening hours, methods of payment, the variety of vendors and the layout of its buildings.

The FAQ page is designed to answer questions from both a customer’s and a farmer’s point of view.

As the author of this website, I am a resident of Johannesburg, live 20 minutes from the market and visit it on a regular basis. I recognise the importance of the market to consumers who buy R8 billion worth of produce in a year, to the commercial farmers who supply it, and to the market agents who enable the buying and selling process.

If you have comments and suggestions about information on this website or unanswered questions you have about the market, let me know. You can contact me by email, by submitting the contact form or by phone.

Please note that this website is not connected to Joburg Market in any way, and therefore cannot answer queries on their behalf.


John Holder

joburg market truck going to lesotho with cabbages

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