A Guide to the Joburg Market.

(previously the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market)


A Guide to the Joburg Market.

(previously the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market)


joburg market granadillas and brinjals

Why this guide?

This guide answers questions that will assist both consumers and farmers to understand how the market works. More than fifty questions are answered on the FAQ page.

The Joburg Market is the biggest market for fresh fruit and vegetables in South Africa. It supplies about 125 000 tonnes of fresh produce per month to consumers in southern Africa. That amounts to R8 billion per year.




Watch this video to get a quick introduction to the Joburg Market

What the Market is


Previously known as the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market, its core function is still the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, which it does out of three large halls.

The market also provides space for smaller independent traders, both in fresh and dry products.

The Joburg Market is also known by the name of City Deep Market.

What the Market is not

The market does not trade in meat products or maize.

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joburg market fruit hub apples on display

What produce is sold at the Market?

More than 120 varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables are traded at the market. Potatoes, tomatoes, apples, onions and bananas are the highest in sales value.


joburg market bakkie loaded with fresh produce

Who buys and sells at the Market?

Customers range from big retail supermarket chains to individual householders. Big and small vegetable shops, caterers, restaurants, and hotels from Joburg – and far beyond – are customers of the market.

Commercial farmers from across South Africa and neighbouring countries supply the market with fresh produce. There are also some imports from overseas.



joburg market grow market agents
joburg market dapper market agent


Who does the selling?

Market agents. Without the activities of market agents, there would be no market. There are about 15 market agent companies that sell on behalf of the commercial farmers. They receive and look after what the farmers deliver, and station salespeople on the floors of the three produce hubs. The market agents set prices based on supply and demand – there are no auctions at the market. In return for their efforts the market agents receive a commission based on a percentage of the value of products sold.


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joburg market administration building

Market administration

Joburg Market belongs to the City of Johannesburg. The Market provides the buildings and roads as well as the computer system. The computerised sales and payment system centres around a “buyer’s card”. All purchases are done using this card (which is not a bank card). More details about the card can be found on the FAQ page.

Joburg Market takes a 5% commission on all sales of produce.


joburg market mandela peoples market
mandela market at joburg market

Cash Traders

The main market supplies produce to cash traders, who are also situated in the market precinct. Cash traders sell fruit and vegetables in smaller quantities. The buyer’s card cannot be used with them. The cash markets are the Mandela People’s Market and the Unity Market, which are situated at opposite ends of the market premises.


Work is underway to expand the Mandela Market, but the additions will only be completed in 2021.

Also on the market premises there are wholesale and retail shops that supply dry foods, snacks, agricultural packaging and implements. A cannery is situated on the premises as well.


joburg market buyer's card

Is the Market convenient for shoppers?

The variety of produce, its freshness and lower prices compared to supermarkets make it worthwhile for some individual shoppers. But the market is not geared towards shopping convenience, as it is focused on serving people in the food business. Trading hours are mornings only, between 5 am and 11 am (10 am on Mondays and Saturdays).


Where is the Market located?

Joburg Market is located in the industrial area known as City Deep, about 5 km south-east of Johannesburg’s central business district.


Need more info about the Market?

Go to our Frequently Asked Questions section to find out more details of the ins and outs of the Joburg Market.

Site Plan of Joburg Market, City Deep

To assist you to find your way around the market efficiently, here is an aerial view of its buildings. The numbers in white on the photo are for key features that are named in the accompanying table.

joburg market floor plan
1Potato & Onion Hub9Offices of Market Agents
2Fruit Hub10Shops (Cash)
3Vegetable Hub11Joburg Market Administration
4Entrance - Customers & Visitors12Standard Bank & ATMs
5Mandela People's Market13Shops (Cash)
6Unity Market14Shops (Cash)
7Entrance for Deliveries15Parking for Mandela People's Market
8Giants Canning16Watermelons
1Potato & Onion Hub
2Fruit Hub
3Vegetable Hub
4Entrance - Customers & Visitors
5Mandela People's Market
6Unity Market
7Entrance for Deliveries
8Giants Canning
9Offices of Market Agents
10Shops (Cash)
11Joburg Market Administration
12Standard Bank & ATMs
13Shops (Cash)
14Shops (Cash)
15Parking for Mandela People's Market

How To Get To Joburg Market

There are two entrances, kilometres apart. The entrance for customers and all other visitors [other than deliveries] is at 4 Fortune Road, City Deep, corner Bowles Road. For visitors and customers, Google Maps or Waze will take you to the correct entrance if you search for “4 Fortune Road, City Deep” or “Bowles Road, City Deep”. Be aware that if Google Maps tries to take you to Vickers Road when travelling from the Johannesburg CBD direction, it might want you to enter by the Deliveries gate, which is reserved for deliveries and not customers.

The entrance for Deliveries [only] of produce is at Fig Place Road, off Vickers Road, City Deep. The Deliveries entrance is not available for customers and visitors. Google Maps or Waze will take you to this entrance if you search for “Joburg Market Deliveries Gate”. For reference, this Deliveries entrance is close to the Multiflora Flower Market.

For deliveries, if travelling from the south on the M31 Heidelberg Road, ignore the sign to the Joburg Market, as this is for the customer entrance in Fortune Road. Proceed further on the M31 and take the Vickers Road off-ramp. At the intersection, turn right into Vickers Road and then left into the short road to the Deliveries entrance.

Trucks, and customer vehicles, should use the Vickers Road exit to leave the market.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with the City of Johannesburg or its subsidiary the Joburg Market.